Book Review: Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert

Insight is a book that focuses on how being an introvert isn’t a burden, how it’s not something to be annoyed or irritated about, it’s just something that people need to understand a lot more, those who are introverts and those who aren’t but work alongside them or are friends with them.

This book is very much a guide to help introverts in the world to deal with their energy in a more efficient way, while at the same time helping those who aren’t or are more extroverts how they can help too.  

A lot of the things that is written in this book did click for me, which is why I avoid a lot of social activities; yet by doing that it also means that I will be missing out on things too.  There is a middle ground here, which is to conserve the energy that we have and connect with people that we know we like to talk to, or that we are willing to take a risk on.  After that we can go home and relax, recharge ourselves with alone time.

The start of the book is an eye opener, being told that you are shy isn’t a positive thing, as it says in the Oxford dictionary: 

Nervous or timid in the company of other people.

The author explains this and many other words that are linked with Introverts, we aren’t shy, we aren’t timid or nervous, we just enjoy our own space and it’s draining to be in other peoples.  We don’t always talk, when we do talk we do so with meaning, we are wanting to engage with you and because we enjoy the conversations.

A lot of good information is in this book, the shy part just being the tip of the ice burg; yet I also found that it was good to know that I wasn’t the only person, introvert or not, who had felt these things.

The only negative aspect of this book was that it did read more like a blog than a help book, that wasn’t the intent of it, but to someone reading it, it might take away what makes this book so special, though that might sound a bit odd, it would seem like reading the book is wasted when the author has all this information up on her Facebook and see everything there instead.

Regardless of that, the quotes at the start of each chapter, paragraph’s borrowed from other introverts and other add on’s from her followers on Facebook that were at the end of the book just balanced out the negative aspect of it to me.

It’s insightful and rather helpful, with certain tips am going to try and other’s I found I was doing already.


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