Marvel Comics: Storm issue 1

I know, I know, am late to the party with this review too.  I have been meaning to do this review for a while now but I got lost in many other things happening around me.

This is the first solo title for the X-Man known as Storm, although she is a popular fan favourite for many, she has been side lined from her own series by other characters like Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Mystique and X-23.  I should point out that there is nothing wrong with any of these characters, but Storm is really popular and to be honest X-23 got her own series before the Weather Witch? (Yes, I know it was a short series, but still that is besides the point).  People need to see Storm in her own comic, because aside from being a popular character, she also has a lot of layers to her that you can’t get to grips with when she is within a team of X-Men, because she has to share the spot light.

In the first issue we see Storm has a conflict of interests, she helps protect a village from a tsunami with her powers only to be told by the army to leave because of her being a mutant; although the people of the village, many are weary – for good reason, you just saw a woman who managed to repeal a tsunami that was going to destroy and kill – other’s, like a young girl, run to her and hug her in thanks.  Storm has no choice but to leave, as Beast tells her through a comm link that she should to remain in good standing with the officials of the land – in regards to all mutants and not just Storm.  Although she is not happy about it she does so and returns to the school.

This is where we learn that a girl new to the school isn’t settling in very well, or more to the point she doesn’t want to settle into the school; although Storm tries to make her understand that she needs to be there the girl snaps back and calls her a sell out, which causes Storm to… well make a storm in the class room they are in.

I am not going to say anything more, because I enjoyed it and I liked how it was written, I liked the two parallels that were brought in, one about the village and the other about this young girl.  Storm might have been a thief, a goddess, a wife and a leader, she stills has to learn, which is something everyone does every single day of their life, they learn new things, they learn that certain things they do isn’t right for everyone they meet, they have to adapt and change to help people, or do something different to aid them.

And yes, I got all that out of a 34 page comic, that is how good it is.  The art work is beautiful, the flow is lovely and although it goes from the school to the village it isn’t jolting, it’s nicely done.

Is this a series I am going to keep reading? Yea of course, Storm isn’t my favourite X-Man, but she is an interesting character that I want to get to know a lot better.


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