Book Review: Adventures of Augustus Fuller

The clue should be in the title of the book, this revolves around a Victorian man called Augustus Fuller, a man who works for the police but in a secret division; the Blue Division.  

This isn’t a novel with one story and minor tales go around it, this is short stories, this is like Sherlock Holmes books, although when I read the first story I was hoping that all the stories would have some kind of proper heart pounding action; my hopes were high, alas the author just pulled me into a false sense of security.

The first sotry was about a terrorist gang in London, who are plotting to undermine the police – why we aren’t really sure – but one undercover officer is caught and finds his life is on the line, only for Fuller to save him with his own intel.  The first story is thrilling and action filled too, it was a good read and I hoped that; although I knew it would calm down a bit; most of the stories would be like that one.

Sadly the rest of the books are all rather bland in comparision, we hear about Fuller being part of the Blue Division in the first story and then it is never mentioned again, we don’t know what the Blue Division is for or why it is different from other divisions.

The next few stories involve investigations, although one is supernatural which I suppose is placed in there to keep the book feeling exciting – I shall confess I did hope that Fuller would learn that it wasn’t something supernatural at all but learn it was a person who was upset by what was going on in the village, similar to Sherlock or indeed Scooby Doo, just to keep in with the rest of the book, because there was nothing else that lead towards supernatural anywhere else in the book, nothing that even had hints of it; it also made the story seem a bit more random, particularly in the last story which people believed to be aliens and instead we learn it is actually people – we can believe in the supernatural but not aliens, why not?

While talking about the last story, I did find it interesting, although I still wonder why two old school friends would be placed together for this mission, who went to see another old school friend – this made me think the author wanted to show that Fuller had friends, it wasn’t just all about his work and that he was social.  Sadly I found myself liking Woods more than Fuller.

Fuller is a decent enough character, but he didn’t seem real to me, although he gets scared and feels pity, there isn’t much to him, we know he must be in his early thirties or perhaps less, yet he isn’t married – unusual really – he doesn’t actually do anything apart from roaming around England visiting friends and it does seem like he is married to his work.  He has a sense of humour, the author tells us that, but nothing is shown; the author tells us but doesn’t show us which means this character is wasted on us.  Woods, although he only appeared in two stories, has more character, he’s out of shape, he enjoys drinking, he has a laugh and is a loyal friend; what happened that the side character comes across better than the main character?

This is an E-Book and it’s clearly self published so there are mistakes, at first it was only here and there but further on, particularly in the last story there are a lot of silly mistakes, which makes it seem that whoever proof read this just didn’t bother to read the last one to make sure no other mistakes were made.

It’s a decent read, some stories are perfectly fine and other’s just seem to drag on for too long.  

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