Batgirl Issue 34

The final issue with Gail Simone at the helm as writer; this will be the last time we see a serious Barbara Gordon; which I have heard a few fans complaining about, but I will get into that later.

Issue 34 takes off in a good way, we see Barbara using her connections to have people protect Gotham while she, Black Canary and a new player Huntress, all go after the leader of the whole operation.

In this comic I felt like we caught glimpses of Barbara as Oracle, that there were moments when that part of her – the future self really – shone through, we saw how well she thought things through, when clearly her enemy didn’t think she would be so smart as to do that.
A good thing about this issue is that we seeing Batgirl fighting, along with Black Canary yet in the end it was using words that got her enemy to stand down and surrender, not fists. Although I am sure many would see that as anti climatic, I didn’t; if anything it was refreshing to see a hero talk to their foe, using words to get them to stand down, talking to them and making them see reason, essentially Batgirl got inside her enemies head well enough to get her to stop – or that could be me watching too much Criminal Minds. It’s also interesting to see because from Batgirl’s point of view, this has been someone who has been destroying her life, who has framed her father, who killed her boyfriend’s brother, who caused her boyfriend to lose his leg and made her believe that she had killed her own brother. The fact that Batgirl didn’t fight her enemy in the end, didn’t pummel her in an inch of their life is telling of how strong Batgirl really is; in my eyes at least.

The art work in this issue is also beautiful, of course there is a certain frame some should look out for that has a moment of ‘I didn’t think the human body could twist in that way’ – note, the human body can’t twist in that way.

To go back to the fans who have been complaining about how serious Barbara Gordon has been in Gail Simone’s run of the New 52 series, there is a clearly reason for that, the main one is that Batgirl thought she killed her own brother, she was full of guilt and remorse for that, how could she stay the way she was pre-52 when she believed that she murdered her brother? There is no way she could remain the way she was with that hanging over her shoulders. Not to mention a lot of stuff was happening in her life, her boyfriend being injured and her father being sent to jail are both big stressers, she wouldn’t be easy going or relaxed as she was before; however in the new run of Batgirl we will probably see Batgirl going back to her original roots of pre-52, maybe not completely, because the events that happened in Simone’s run will have changed her, but there will be moments; I just hope we still see those snippets of Oracle shining through.


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