Comic Review: Original Sins: Thor & Loki – The Tenth Realm #1 and #2

Another comic review, and I am going to try and review two issues instead of just one, because comic’s are a lot shorter than novels, this way it’s easier to get a general gist of the comic.

Issue 1 of the Original Sins: Thor & Loki starts off rather promising, there isn’t really that much action to be had in this issue though, this is just the plot builder, the start where Thor learns he has a sister, but the All-Mother – Freya – is sure that her daughter was murdered in a battle against the Tenth Realm; while Thor believes that she is wrong and his sister is alive.
He enlists the help of Loki; who is bitter about the things he has learned about his future – for information about this is it good the read Agent of Asgard.
So begins the quest to find the Tenth Realm.
I enjoyed reading this issue, the mother and son interaction and seeing the All-Mother become so upset that she loses composure, even for a second about her lost child. There was also the talk between Thor and Loki which is always good to see and the art work is so nicely done.

Issue 2 however is where everything doesn’t really go very well. In saying this I mean more than you could see where the plot was going, you knew what was going to happen before it even happened and there was no mystery about it, nothing was surprising.
To me the art work is also a bit jarring, there are two arts involved in this mini series, one does the nine realms – more Midgard and Asgard – while the other artist is in charge with the Tenth Realm. I would have enjoyed the art work so much more if it wasn’t so dramatically different, to me personally it’s too dramatic a difference and takes away from the story.

I will continue to read this mini-issue, more because it will tie in with the happenings from September Agent of Asgard onwards and it does mean a change in dynamic between the two brother’s.

It’s going to be a hard comic to read if the enjoyment level remains as it has with issue 2 though.


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