Book Review: Chaos: I Bring the Fire Part 3 by C.K Gockle

This is the 3rd book in the series dedicated to Loki and his mortal companions, so this review might contain a few spoilers, but nothing major to ruin the whole book for you.

I am loving this series, I was almost not wanting to finish this book though because I was enjoying it that much.
This is the climax of the first ‘arc’ of this book series. It’s also the most dramatic too, with so much happening and yet it was brought about so gradually it didn’t feel rushed at the end.

Loki begins at the start to trick those who are after him – which is classic Loki after all, that is who he is – and then everything happens; he and Amy become so much closer than they were before, the barriers that were around Amy; who didn’t seem Loki romantically to begin with until she see’s a side of him that she didn’t realise he had – sounds a bit like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but not so cheesy or with the whole ‘you are my prisoner’ type thing either.
Loki and Amy becoming closer than before was good, yet at the same time I kind of wish they remained friends;part when Amy thought to herself that she believed herself to be broken, because every time she had sex with a man she felt nothing – which probably rings true to many asexual people – but instead it was due to the men being selfish and focusing on their own needs.
Strange though it is, I wanted Loki and Amy to get together, yet reading that part, I kind of didn’t. I wanted them to be friends instead.

Moving on though; Amy’s character has clearly changed through the past three books, in book one she is naive and innocent to Loki being a bit of a perv, she would have certain things go over her head; yet here, in this book we see that she isn’t the same woman as she was at the start, she is still innocent to an extent, still ‘pure’ I suppose and no bitterness within her, but she has changed. You also see exactly how smart she is, how she was able to figure it out what was going on when Loki dreamt. She remains faithful to Loki throughout all the books, but this one was the one where her faith could have wavered and yet it never did, she is clearly loyal to him and has great faith in him, which is something that he needed, if Amy didn’t believe in him I doubt the end of the book would have gone the way it did. In a sense I think Amy might be the crack in his own personal armour – although that is clearly just my own view in this.

Loki himself has also changed, although it’s not as dramatic as Amy. He is changing, he is in his own way, learning about himself, about his own history, how it is linked with so many different religions. It’s very well done,clearly the author has taken great care into making this part about Loki’s history weaving it within other religious myth’s, making it return to him in dreams and having Amy be the one who comes to the conclusion of why he dreams as he does.
It’s also rather tragic, because of Loki being who he is, this is his life, he is chaos, he is a destroyer, which is needed to make the world continue onwards as it does, it’s a fate he cannot run from, he is forever trapped in this cycle, even if he does want the end of Odin, this is something he cannot end.

Steve Rogers serves nicely in here too, he doesn’t play as big a role in this book, but he still plays an important character, because he seems to be one of the few people who still is hoping the Loki will help them, but he also knows that he needs to focus on his job, to continue to protect the people from trolls and other creatures that keep coming through the gates. You can see how good he is at his job, how his mind essentially works and also how much he cares for people. He’s a serious man but he’s not unfeeling.

The good thing about this book, as well as the gradual burn to the climax, the dramatic end of it all, is that it wasn’t just another chapter and that was it, next book please, it was gradually pushed out, showing the effects of the catastrophe after the fact, showing how it affected Amy – who would have been the main person deeply affected, yet also how the city it’s self is healing too.

Is there any negative thoughts on this book?
One, it’s a tiny detail but it got to me near the climax of the book, Loki and winking. Loki kept winking at Amy and he did it twice in the space of two paragraphs.
also it was one of those moments when you had to think ‘how many people wink?’ I think the answer was not many. If anyone did, it would have been few of them and they would have done it once.

Aside from that detail, the book was enjoyable and I shall now begin to read the novella, the 3.5 that comes in-between this book and book 4.


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