Comic Book review: Batwoman Issue 29 and 30

Batwoman is a DC Comic’s character, originally she was created to off-set the rumours back in the day – believe it was in the 60’s or so – that Batman was gay. She was essentially removed from the Batman comics in the 80’s, because she wasn’t really an essential character to the Batman world.

However this is DC Comic’s New 52 era, Batwoman is back, as Kate Kane, a well off woman who uses her resources to fight crime the way Batman does, and she does it as Batwoman.
She was part of the military and uses her skills to fight crime, as well as her money for gadgets too.

In this carnation of Batwoman – like the pre 52 era – Kate Kane/Batwoman is a lesbian. She was at the time of her launch back in 2006 the first female comic book character and was given praise for her visibility.

To focus on this issue, this was the first Batwoman comic that I have ever read, I bought issue 29 and 30 to see how I felt about it and if I would want to continue the series. Reading two issues gives me more of an idea of if I like the comic or not, which I can’t get from just reading one issue.

Issue 30 and 31 were both decent reads, following Kate Kane’s personal life and how her persona as Batwoman affects it. We also see her going to therapy to talk about her issues in one of the comic’s too; essentially Kate Kane is a complex character who just so happens to be a vigilante like Batman. The essential difference is that Kate Kane doesn’t have a vast network of people that she trusts with her alter-ego, while Batman sort of does.
It’s all well and good to have a character with depth, with problems, and with a love life that also has problems and bumps; but these two issues were lacking in something, it wasn’t action or drama, those were there, but it was like the comic was just lack-lustre, it had no soul to it and although I saw Kate Kane on paper, I didn’t really connect with her at all.

This would be the time where I would say don’t bother to read Batwoman, because it’s not worth it.

It kind of is. It really is.
I have read some reviews online about these issues and many people seem to be saying the same thing, issue 29 is more of a problem point than issue 30, but the next issue things become interesting and it makes you want to read it.

The artwork in the comic is just beautiful, Batwoman looks amazing and so well drawn while Kate Kane looks average and yet although you know she is Batwoman, nothing she says or does gives it away.

If you are interested in reading Batwoman, my only advice would be to make sure the issue you pick up isn’t one that is a plot that was established two issues ago – which when I picked up issue 29 it was.
Batwoman is a must read for older readers, there is something that makes me want to learn more about Kate Kane, her alterego and even her therapy sessions, I just want to see how she ticks.


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