Comic Review: Marvel’s X-Force #1

X-Force has always been a sideline to X-Men and X-Factor, it began back in the 1980’s as a sideline of X-Men, along with several other titles in relation to the X-Men.
This review is focusing on the recent carnation of the title; this X-Force team is volume 4 and is part of the Marvel NOW! campaign – to be honest most of the new comics are under the Marvel NOW! campaign, the same for Loki: Agent of Asgard, as well as the Original Sin series which goes through all the Marvel characters, but am getting away from the focus point here.

At the time of writing this review, there is 6 issues of X-Force out in comic stores right now – you can also download it onto your tablet too.
I didn’t have the money to buy all six issues though, but that doesn’t really affect the plot of the story.
Cable – who was the force behind the original X-Force (Oh look, a hilarious joke!) – has put together a team of mutants to defend the rights of mutants – it’s all explained in the first issue and it is something that needs to be read to fully understand. Cable brings on board Marrow; a mutant who used to have bones sticking out of her body, however when M-Day happened she lost her powers; Psylocke; a psychic mutant who using psychic bolts to attack people as well as use a katana; finally Fantomex a mutant who was experimented on who become slightly more machine like.

The first few issues focus on the team and it also focuses on the each character’s solo thought’s in each issue.
Issue 1 obviously has the initial plan of why Cable has brought these mutants together, but we have Marrow narrating the tale to us, we have her talking to us.
Psylocke talks to us in issue 5, which is where we learn a bit more about why exactly she agreed to join Cable’s group, there is also a new mutant added in issue 2 and the plot comes along nicely.

The comic is series, however there are moments where it is rather funny; not in the Deadpool style or even Loki funny, but there are moments between characters that just come across as real, they are in a situation that I think many of us would react in the same way.

The writing from what I have seen is very good, each character is well defined and are all-rounded without being too obvious, Si Spurrier has done a very nice job of this so far. The art work inside the comic is really pretty, it’s not overly colourful; so don’t expect splashes of colour all over the place, the same can be said for the cover art too, done by Rock-He Kim.

This isn’t going to be a comic to everyone’s taste, obviously I don’t have every issue yet, but the one’s I do have – issue 1, 3 and 5 – are very good and make me want to continue reading it.
The comic is more for people who like to have a serious comic, without it being overly tense – reason being is that Marrow is in this comic, the tension is taken away by her, just read the first issue to understand what I mean.

If you are in the UK – or there is a Forbidden Planet near you, you should go in store and get a gold card, it allows you to have them reserve comics for you every month for up to 2 months – they will call you though to make sure you didn’t forget if the 2 months are nearly over – it makes life easier and saves you from having to hunt these comics down, also you get 10% off your comic purchases, which is pretty awesome really!

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