Book Review: The Nightmarchers by Rebecca Gober andCourtney Nuckels

The Nightmarchers is a book about Emma, who moves to Hawaii with her Father; due to her father’s job.
The proper plot doesn’t actually get underway until almost half of the book is done with, which is really annoying because you had to put up with a lot of teenage romance and not much else within the first half of the book.

Character wise, it’s not good. All of these character’s just seem flat, you start off liking Taylor and yet at the same time something is missing, he agrees with EVERYTHING Emma says, they never argue, they don’t debate nothing. Also they know each other for about a month when they say those words ‘I Love You’. It just didn’t seem real to me.
It was also annoying how we knew nothing about the relationship between Emma and her father, we know that she loves her mother,who has been missing from her life since she was three years old; but we don’t really get a sense of what her relationship with her father is like.

Although we do learn that she has a purity ring; half way through the book for this little point; that she and her father have bought and she talks to Taylor how she swore to her father and the God that she would not have sex until marriage – please note, there is no sign of religion anywhere else in this book, just that part about the purity ring. There is nothing about her being a Christian or believing in god, nothing, so it was a bit of a jolt to read about a purity ring.

When Kai comes into the picture Emma finds herself falling for him too, although she does remember that she cares for Taylor too. However Kai just seems so bland and for some reason he likes to say Emma’s name, all the time! in nearly every sentence that he speaks to her he begins by saying her name. Which was rather annoying.

The supernatural part of the book is rather interesting though, the idea of the Nightmarchers and what they are does give the book a plus. However it doesn’t take away from the fact that this book is a Young Adult romance novel first, rather than supernatural.

This book is in a series of book – probably a trilogy – but it’s safe to say that with bland/flat characters and way too much romance compact into about 5 weeks, I will be giving this series a wide berth.


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