Book Review: I Bring Fire: Monsters Part 2 by C. Gockle

This book is the second in the series by Gockle, the first book review is here:

The second book of this series is adding in a few new character, notably Steve Rogers – nothing like the Marvel character, literally nothing like him – who becomes Amy’s boss.
Loki is back and in good form, with a companion of sorts, although he is the only one who can see and hear her, due to him having magic and the mortals not.
Loki wants on thing to happen, but he needs to make sure that anyone else in the Nine Realms doesn’t have the same aspirations as he does, because the revenge that he wants to happen will come from him and only him.

For the characters in the book; I am still unsure about Rogers but I do like the role he is playing currently. At the start of the book I thought the author had made him pretty close to being the same as the Marvel comic’s Rogers, but as I continued to read it couldn’t be further from the truth. Roger’s is a man with a far bit of depth, the author has taken care in creating him for this role that he is now in and he has a background story; it’s not indepth but we learn the basics of him.

Amy of course, is back and is naive as she was before, although she isn’t foolish, it’s just that she is so trusting and she has a lot of faith in Loki, even though he did take all her money away at the end of the first book.
It’s also rather sad about Beatrice, she was such an amazing character in the first book, to see her in just a few pages and become a shadow of her former self is harrowing.
Loki of course is back and this time he isn’t as unsure about technology, heck he could drive a car and not think it’s a real thing. Also we learn a lot more about his past in this book, about his first wife, his daughter and the history he has with Prince Baldur.

The tension of sorts between Amy and Loki was heightened in this book, adding to the drama, although I hope they remain friend’s since it’s clear that they’re good for each other. They essentially balance each other out.
I do miss the amount of interaction that was in the last book between these two, however with new characters coming in and the plot thickening it can’t be helped. Any interaction between them was good to read and there was a lot of tension between them too, with Amy falling out with him and actually demanding him to leave her home. The humour is still there, Loki, though older than many of the characters that we know fairly well in the book, still has a rather childish sense of humour.

The cliff-hanger to this book just makes you NEED to read the next one.
Now excuse me, I must buy the next one.


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