Book Review: The Lotus Effect by Bridget Ladd

Lily is a girl who is to the next Mistress of Science in the city of Prosper; she is also a girl who appears to suffer from some kind of illness – this was never fully explained at the start as to what was wrong with her. She admires her Grandmother, who vanished one night when she was a little girl.
Xander is a mysterious man, who appears and ends up helping Lily when she puts herself into a battle competition, over time we do learn more about him.

The Lotus Effect is an enjoyable read, although I did find that it kind of dragged a bit in the beginning.
On the whole, I found this was a bit of a ‘meh’ book, the arena battles felt rather more like Hunger Games, Battle Royale, even Gladiator – although the winners of all the battles can decide new rules for the City of Prosper. It was also obvious who was going to win, so there wasn’t that much excitement in that case, what was interesting was learning about Xander and his back-story, which made the book really interesting as I really couldn’t get myself to like Lily.
There was also the illness that she had at the start of the book, during all the battles it seemed like it was forgotten and it was never really explained what it was even at the end – although when you read the full book you can guess where her ‘illness’ might have come from.
Obviously this book finished on a bit of a cliff hanger, though not an obvious one, but to learn more about Lily and what will happen to the people of Prosper you would need to read the next book to find out.

For me, I wouldn’t actually bother, nothing completely grabbed me apart from Xander’s back story, though there was a nice twist at the end, but nothing that makes me want to read more about Lily and her next adventure.

4 out of 5 stars


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