Book Review: Broken Silence by Natasha Preston

This is the second book to Silence, which I did the last review on.  Here’s the blurb for this book:

Four years after Oakley left for Australia, the trial is ready to begin. After coming to the decision that she needs to face her abusers to finally be able to move on, Oakley and her family return to England to give evidence in person.

Oakley’s love for Cole never faded, but after four years apart how will Cole react to her being back? Can they put the past behind them in order to get their happy ending?’

Am not sure how it would take 4 years to gather evidence, if anything it would have taken months to do, but putting that part aside, the book was pretty similar to the first book, all about Oakley and Cole pining for each other, yet both wanting the other to be happy and at the same time feeling jealous of the other dating other people.

The novel was more about Oakley and Cole getting back together, Oakley’s feelings of those who abused her in the past being let off and just romantic things.

This book could have been one that focused more on Oakley’s family, her mum for example and even Jasper her older brother; who, both Oakley and her mum had said many times during the book, that he was not dealing well with the news of what had happened.  That would have been something to read, the family becoming stronger together and yet still needing to help heal.  This book would have done well to focus more on Jasper, because it would have been a big shock to his system to learn what had happened to his sister and knowing that he never thought of that member of his family doing such a thing – it might also have been that he could have thought that it could have easily been him, but we never get to see Jasper’s thoughts or understand what he is feeling.

The focus was mainly on Oakley and Cole.

Who didn’t appear to have changed from when they were teenagers.  The slight exception was Oakley, because we could now hear her vocally talking to Cole, yet there were moments when the pair of them just felt flat, the relationship just seemed overly perfect and everyone could see how it was going to end.

Once again this book was also filled with grammar and spelling mistakes which would have been sorted had there been a proof-reader or two.

2 out of 5 stars, because it was an all right read, the author just seemed to have dropped the ball.


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