Comic Review: Birds of Prey Volume 1 – End Run

Birds of Prey - End Run


I have never read Birds of Prey from DC comics before, but I found myself loving Black Canary and after a bit of research I decided that I should try reading a comic involving a team that she is involved in, considering that it would also introduce me to other characters in the DC comics world.

The volume is essentially forcing the team to pair up with an enemy of Gotham City, given that all their lives are at stake here, and they need to make a choice, give themselves up or have their darkest secrets revealed to the whole world.

If you are already a fan of the Birds of Prey, you would find this rather interesting, there is a few problems I was having with this volume though.  The main one is that I had no idea who these characters were at all, I had read up on Black Canary and yet the woman I was reading about in the comic seemed nothing like she was on the pages I found.

To make it worse, although the costumes many of them are wearing, most notably Huntress and Black Canary, wouldn’t be suitable for fight crime with but it’s a comic world and it’s not real so certain logistics can be taken away in that case, but it does become overly sexual later on, granted we learn why it is like that a few pages along, but it does beg the question – did we need to see that? Does it add to the plot at all? Because I found it didn’t, it didn’t even add any humour to it either, it just came across as a bit of fan-fodder for people who want to see these woman in more of a sexual context.

The plot doesn’t seem to work out well, the main focus for the whole story is Black Canary rather than any other member of the team, which leads me to wonder why this couldn’t have been a solo for Black Canary? The other characters just seem to make the plot slow down, although there are moments when you do see that the character’s all care for each other and will do anything to help each other out.

It doesn’t make me want to read the next volumes of the books, which is fine, since the relaunch is 52 and everything has changed, so it might be worth my time going to check them out instead.  Here’s hoping it will be better than this.



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