Comic Review: Loki – Agent of Asgard #2 & 3

Something a bit different, I love books, love to read them, but I also really enjoy comic’s as well, it’s the story and the artistry that pulls me in, although it needs to be said that sometimes it’s more the art than the actual plot that brings me in.

So here I am with Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 – please note I don’t currently have #1 at the moment, it’s obviously a popular one, but the plot from that one, which appears to be a one-shot story, is pretty simple.

Loki Agent of Asgard issue 2

As many probably already know, due to an actor called Tom Hiddlestone, Loki is the adoptive brother of Thor; both of them hail from Asgard, both of them are powerful in their own rights, the difference between them? Thor cares for humans/mortals while Loki did not.  There is a reason why Loki is younger now, although it will involve a lot more writing than I am prepared to do, and this place is a review blog, not a analyse characters blog and give you all the background details, which would include spoilers.

Loki has been reborn though, he’s changed a lot too.  No longer focused on bringing down his brother Thor, he is trying to cleanse himself of his evil deeds in the past, by the All-Mothers decree – this is where you really do need to look up Google to learn what has happened to Odin.

He is now a young man, working as an agent of Asgard for the All-Mothers, to right his past wrongs and in issue 2, he needs to find a missing Asgardian by the name of Lorelei, a woman who at one time was his former self’s lover, but who has not come to reside in the new Asgardia.

The mission begins at a Speed-dating venue, Loki finds himself in front of a young woman called Verity, who can see through lies instantly; she is essentially a proper lie detector and that makes her a tragic character, she can also see through Loki’s lies, although she is surprised at his story, he tells her the truth of his mission, probably because she can also see right through his spells.

I won’t spoil the comic for you, but it is a really good read and spun rather nicely together.  I am interested in Verity, who would be a good friend for Loki to have, since she can call him out on his lies and tricks that he tries to use because they won’t work on her.  Although Loki has said that he isn’t likely to speak the truth to her, but she will know anyone.

Lorelei is a character that really isn’t given too much information here, if you know little about her character to begin with you will wonder what is special about her, but that will probably make you want to keep reading the next issue as well.

Loki Agent of Asgard issue 3

Loki Agent of Asgard #3

If you are wanting to see what happens to young Loki from the last issue, you are not going to find him here.  This is the old Loki, or as a lot of the characters in this issue call him old god, or even just old one.

We are seeing the evil side of Loki here, the one who caused all the trouble with the Avengers – aka basically was the reason the Avengers were founded in the first place – who caused the trouble for Thor and indeed Odin, but this issue focuses on him kind of redeeming himself and helping his other, younger half to cleansing himself.  Or at least that is how it seems, because this is old Loki and he is the mischief maker and trickster.

This issue goes back to Asgard, to when Odin wasn’t the All-Father, he was simply Borson, or the son of Bor.  Loki managed to befriend Odin and travel with him, as well as cause a bit of mischief along the way and use a bazooka – that is a spoiler, but trust me, it’s worth reading this issue to learn more.

This issue connects more with issue 1, but if you look around for spoilers of issue 1 you will get the general gist of what he is doing.

The art work in both these comics is divine, there is nothing overly technical here, the focus is on the characters and nothing really distracts you from it.

This is going to be a series that needs to be read, it’s very much one I will be keeping an eye out for every month now.

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