Book Review: The Grimm’s Fairy Stories

This book is all about the classic Grimm’s Brothers fairy tales, the one’s that were tweaked for Disney movies and also fixed up for children’s books so they aren’t too scary.

Reading the actual stories though, although a lot bleaker than what I read and saw when younger, there was one point that kept coming back, something that was repeated constantly throughout the book and just irritated me.

The general theme in nearly every story is that it’s the youngest who is going to be the winner, it’s the beautiful girl or the boy who although isn’t the smartest, is the kindest; with the step mother and her own daughter being the villains of the piece.

It do have basic morals within the stories, but with nearly every story painting the step mother and step daughter as being selfish and cruel just didn’t wash too well with me.

It is a good read though, one to delve in and out of.

4 stars out of 5



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