Book Review: Tickling The English by Dara O’Briain

Dara O’Briain is rather famous in Britain, as well as Ireland, for his stand-up comedy shows and his TV shows, like Mock the Week and School of Hard Sums.

This book was written during his tour, which clearly shows when he is writing, because certain jokes he uses are already in the DVD of that tour.

It’s meant to be an outsiders look onto the English life, hence the title.  However I found that, although certainly funny and interesting in certain aspects, it wasn’t really about the English and how Dara saw certain things that they did as odd, or even foreign – let’s not forget he is from the Republic of Ireland – yet it fell flat.

Over all this book serves as more of a tour diary than the strange ways of the English, which is a shame, because comics like Frankie Boyle who also was part of Mock the Week, have released many books, which have proven entertaining – although yes, there is still the shock value too – but Dara has missed something.

The missing piece might not even be his fault, given that the publishers and editors might have wanted him to stay away from being too ‘shock value’, something he isn’t known for; but it’s hard to say if that is the reason or not.

In regards to this book though, it is funny, it’s entertaining, but there is a big point missed, which was the reason of the book being written to begin with,

It’s not a book that you can really read in one sitting, it’s more a pick-me-up, when you want a little bit of reading time, rather than to read a whole quest of a book.

3 stars out of 5 for this book



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