Timepiece by Heather Albano

Timepiece is a steampunk time travel adventure, feautring the Battle of Waterloo, Frankenstien’s monster and clockwork robots taking over London.  The blurred was what sold me on the book:

‘Elizabeth Barton longs to escape the endless round of social ritual that defines life in the village of Hartwich during the Regency of Prince George. Her neighbor William Carrington has lost the use of his arm in the Napoleonic Wars, and now must watch from the sidelines as the final act of that conflict unfolds without him. Both go through the motions of their lives, dutiful but dissatisfied, as the Battle of Waterloo looms on the horizon. When an anonymous benefactor sends Elizabeth a pocket watch that is more than what it seems, they are swept seventy years into the future.

The London of 1885 is a steampunk dystopia where the streets are patrolled by Gatling-gun-wielding robots and the clockwork of the British Empire is slick with its subjects’ blood. This future has its roots on the field of Waterloo—in the secret weapon Wellington employed there—and it will come true in seventy years’ time unless Elizabeth and William find a way to stop it.’

There were moments when I got confused due to the chapters bouncing from 1815 to 1885 and then to add further confusion there was an added date of 1875. For some this might not be annoying, but I found it was happening a bit too often and it made it a little bit hard to read really, there was so much happening and it was a lot harder to remember what year each bit was taking place.
Also I wished there was more information about William, I never really felt like much attention was given to him, there was moments when you thought ‘yea he doesn’t have an arm’ when actually he does have an arm it just badly damaged due to a war injury. I am hoping the next book will focus more on this character because I would think he would be a really interesting character if he is given more to do.
Maxwell, he’s another mysterious character, although I do have an inkling of who he might be; hopefully we will learn a bit more about him too as well.
Elizabeth; she is essentially the heroine of the book, although I found her rather annoying and was cheering Katarina when she was berating her about acting like a child; and indeed she was. I understand Elizabeth is meant to be like a more free-spirited young lady, although I found it a bit odd that she does run around wild as it seems rather unlikely given how her mother and aunt are. Even if she is just naturally free-spirited there are times when she just acts like a women in this time and it just didn’t connect as well… historically speaking at least.

The one character that I really enjoyed reading about is Katarina, she is such an interesting character and learning about her past just made me feel for her so much more than I would with any of the previous characters I have mentioned already.

The plot it’s self is good and the only thing that annoyed me was the repetition of the first chapter with on of the near last chapters at the end of the book. It also felt a bit rushed at the end, like the author wanted to wrap it up quickly and then get them moving on again.

I will want to see what the next book is like, because although this review is negative on certain things, there are other things that I really want to see what happens. Sadly the only character that really interested me is Katarina, so I just hope the author makes the other main characters a bit more interesting and not so irritating.

This steampunk novel I am going to give a 3 out of 5 stars, because it does have a good plot, a good character, it just jumps around too much and certain characters really did need to be developed more.

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