Asexuality: A Brief Introduction

An interesting read into what asexuality means and the different aspects of this rarely heard of sexual orientation.
This book gives the read a good amount of information about this sexuality, what those who are of this sexuality may feel or want out of a relationship and how people should support them.

It’s also a good read for anyone though, who wants to know the basics of asexuality and what many of the questions that are brought up because of a person being in that sexual spectrum have to go through and answer.

It also deals with the negativity about this particular sexuality as well, giving answers to the questions of those people who ‘don’t believe’ that such a person could possibly exist.

The one bugbear I have with this book is after half way through, it began to repeat it’s self, constantly; when really it could have easily just explained itself fully by saying the whole different aspects of asexuality and what it means to different aces.
When the book began to repeat itself was the moment that I did want to just skim over it and see if there was any more information for me to know, but I choose to carry on reading it to the very end. Which was fine, but the repeat parts did really take away from what the author was trying to give out.

This book, basic and answers many questions that I believe many people Ace or not would want information on, is a good read to gain knowledge on something that isn’t really talked about that much.

4 out of 5 stars


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