The Lust for Blood by Charmain Marie Mitchell

The Lust for Blood is a collection of thirteen stories by the author Charmain Marie Mitchell, going by the title of the book alone, it is clear it’s a horror/supernatural in the tales that are spun here.

The stories are well written and there is no doubt that Mitchell put a lot of effort and thought into them as they were writing, many of the stories had that distinct feel in them that something wasn’t right, the tone that was placed in each tale went really well too.

Each story focuses on the complexity of the human mind, nothing better to make it a whole lot more complex than with horror and supernatural poured into it as well.

The negative side to the tales is that a lot of the stories felt rather similar to each other, at times I even thought that there was stories that were connected, seeing as the plot was so similar to the other in certain tales that were being spun.  Though I have elected to think that the author probably never realised it when reading or proof reading the stories.

On the whole, the tales were wonderfully written, given plenty of depth even though the tales were short and made me really feel for the characters that were portrayed in each story.

This book would get 3 out of 5 stars though, considering that although it was written very well and you have a connection with the characters, a lot of the stories were just repeats of earlier stories.




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