E-Readers and Books

There has been many debated about the rise of the E-Reader and how it was meant that people weren’t reading actual books.

Because surely to experience a novel, you have to feel the book, turn the pages, get the smell of it? I would also add not worrying about it needing recharged or breaking it, but books like e-readers can be broken.  They can suffer from water damage, they can fall apart after reading them over and over again.

The author Jonathan Franzen has stated his feelings on e-books and e-readers clearly here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/hay-festival/9047981/Jonathan-Franzen-e-books-are-damaging-society.html

Should printing publisher’s be wary of e-readers? Possibly, only to the extent of they should also get into on-line publishing as well; for ease of people to be able to read books not only on e-readers, but on their phones and indeed their tablets when travelling; it will result in more money for them in the long run as well, which is probably a greater bonus.

Does the bell toll for the classic published book, in all it’s bindings?

I have to agree with Stephen Fry, who is quoted to say; ‘Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.’

Are people right to distrust e-readers though? After all you don’t have a gorgeous looking library filled with hardback books filling the walls when you have a Kindle, you can’t show-off your fine collect of books to people when they step into your home.

However, there is a point that needs to be made, some books hard heavy and it’s a bit of a pain to carry them around; although you may love the story and where it is going, a heavy novel isn’t worth back pain for is it? There are people with bad eye-sight who require the large print font when getting books, with an e-reader they don’t have to worry about what book they are buying, because the font can be made as large as they want it to be! They are no limited to just buying the books that only have large font, they can buy any books they want.

There will be joy though, for those who have a dislike for e-readers, because they are on the decline now; possibly because those who want to buy one have got it, they are popular and sold quickly when they first came out: http://wallblog.co.uk/2013/01/15/the-demise-of-e-readers-is-no-surprise-but-its-bad-for-booksellers-and-for-reading/

Although if the sales on e-readers are going down, does that mean normal paper/hard back sales are going up? Probably not.  The sales of the books have probably gotten larger for e-books, considering that so many authors can now be part of an e-reader generation, people who have been trying to get published but are turned down can release there books into a huge market, test the waters and see what happens.

E-Readers shouldn’t be thought of as a villain, or something evil and anyone who uses them – regardless of the reason – should be looked down upon with sheer contempt.  E-Readers should be seen as a new way of reading, in joint position of regular books, a way for people to read many books when they are out and about, for ease of carrying and the comfort of holding them.

Books will always be made, paperback and hardback will always be around for centuries to come, there is no doubt about that, but the wave of new technology shouldn’t be ignored, the new wave can make something exciting come about, present authors with something different to deal with and allow book readers a chance to read something that they probably wouldn’t have dared to touch had it been a regular book to buy.

The dawn of E-Readers has come, and although it is fine to not want to have one – it is of course your right to not want one – don’t look down upon those who do have one, there are many reasons for why they have them, some you might have thought of and other’s you haven’t.


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