Book Review: I Bring Fire: Part 1 Wolves by C. Gockel

This is a refreshing take on the legend that is Loki, the Norse trickster God, bringing the tales up to a modern time and making it connect more with people of the now than the past.

The story begins with Amy, a woman trying her best to get herself through college and become a vet.  When we first meet her though we see that she is trying to get home to her grandmother’s when she had a problem.

Of course the novel is also about Loki – how could it not be? – whose own life is turned on it’s head when his family are in trouble, with him being the only one who can save them.  In the process though he finds himself heading to Midgaird – earth, the ‘gods’ live on Asgard, it’s really not as complicated as it seems – and saving Amy, which begins the whole adventure.

The story is very good, completely different to a lot of writings about Loki, giving it a refreshing new look and it’s not just told through the eyes of a mortal but also Loki as well.  We see how he reacts to a car, which sounds odd, but it is rather hilarious; but more importantly we also see how he feels, for his family and for the new additions to his life, Amy and her grandmother.

The fact that I am wanting to read more of this say’s a lot about the author and her writing ability.


Amy is charming and as real as I have read a female character, she is rather naive though, but that isn’t a bad thing; when she is dealing with Loki she doesn’t understand that he is flirting with her, it adds a bit of depth into her character and also Loki’s too.

Loki is based on the Edda’s and the way the author makes you look at him, seeing what he does and doesn’t do, turns him into a well rounded character, with complex layers around him instead of just being basic and obvious to what everyone thinks Loki’s character should be like.

Beatrice is Amy’s grandmother, she’s pretty much like a grandmother – more like a decent grandmother who is stuck in her way’s – but she is very relatable, she has charm and is funny, yes she does say the cringe-worthy comments that a good few of us are aware our own grandparents say.  She is a knowledgeable old lady and you just can’t hate her character at all.

Over all none of the character’s in the book are ‘hate worthy’, because although you get to meet Thor, you don’t fully understand him enough to base a proper opinion on him.  Hopefully that will all change in the next book!

I would give this book a 5 out of 5.

The character’s are approachable, realistic as they can be and although funny it still retains the serious moments.



























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