Comic Review: Future’s End: Harley Quinn #3

This is a comic that I never would have read, not saying that I have anything against Harley Quinn, I know who she is and I know a little bit about her character, but she wasn’t a character that I would go out of my way to read about.  However when I heard about this comic, I decided why not try it and see how I like the character of comic book Harley Quinn.

Due to this linking in with Future’s End, it is more focused of Harley’s future, from the last issue of her comic. This means that new readers will be able to delve into this issue without being bogged down with all the links to the previous issues of the comic. Which made my life easier.

This comic was interesting, Harley is a fun character, this is not a comic if you are wanting something that is more serious or with a full on plot. The plot is basic, Harley wants a holiday, but instead of going on the plane the normal way, she goes in cargo instead; but it is made difficult when the plane crashes and Harley ends up on the island where she finds herself fending for herself, until she is made into a goddess and meets up with someone she believed to be dead.

The comic is a fun one to read, there are moments when you kind of worry about Harley’s character though – this could just be me being a new reader to the comic and being used to comics with humour and not being based around humour in full.

There is of course action and Harley being classic Harley. It’s a good read for people who know of Harley Quinn but don’t know where to start, given that there is a lot you can read about her. This is a stepping stone into Harley’s unique world, so if readers enjoyed this issue, they can delve into the next issue of Harley Quinn in the general run.

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Comic Review: Future’s End Batgirl #1

Many people who dabble around comics will have heard of Batgril, many would have heard of Barbara Gordon – the reverse may also be true too – and this comic really brings the future of Batgirl to life, or Batgirl’s I should say.

The comic brings Barbara Gordon three years after the events of the last issue – issue 34 – and we see her getting married, the day is with friends yet it does end up being a tragic time for her, causing her to change herself.  Five years into the future there are three new Batgirl’s who are taking over Gotham city, 2 Batgirl’s should be familiar to anyone who has read the Batgirl comics before the New 52 run.

The story is obviously Barbara’s, although she has moved away from being who she used to and became someone so much more, someone who is a threat and yet she finds herself facing off against the one who made her so strong.

For anyone who wants to get into Batgirl, this is a good one to read, just remember that the artists and writers will be changing in the mainstream Batgirl, so although this gives you a glimpse into the future of Batgirl, the present is just as important and gives you more to go on character wise.

Having said that, I do hope that there will be more to this series and we learn about the other Batgirl’s and what their home lives are like.

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Comic Review: Loki Agent of Asgard #6

After the mini series Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm Loki Agent of Asgard is finally back and it goes straight back to where it had left off from issue 5.

This issue brings us back into the normal life that Loki had – granted us folk wouldn’t call his life normal by any means, but it’s his life – and he is back with a bang.

We first meet Victor von Doom, the classic villain from the Fantastic Four comics – Doom has had dealings with Loki in the past, but that isn’t what he’s here for – who has in effect turned a new leaf and is finding the future of earth something he wants to avoid at all costs.

He knows how to do that, but his enemy is Loki,though Doom knows Loki, he knows that this current Loki – many Loki fans have come to call him Nerdki, because he does enjoy referencing things from rather geeky backgrounds, like the Princess’ Bride, and also to stop confusion between King Loki, the future Loki.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds, trust me on that.

When we return back to Loki having a visit from Verity, a woman who can detect lies, regardless of how small she will see through them.  She’s a pretty awesome character and something rather different, being not only able to see through Loki’s lies but also she looks different from the other female characters that reside in comics.  Although she does look pretty – like all women in comics – she also wears glasses and has full tattoo sleeves on both arms, which makes her rather unique.

This issue is the start of bringing Loki and Verity closer together as friends; although Loki had warned her at the start of this issue that he isn’t sure how to be a good friend, although he is trying.

This says something about this Loki, Nerdki or teen Loki, which ever one you’d like to call him.  This Loki is one trying to make a difference, who is trying to be a good man and indeed a good god, although he will always be causing mischief it is who he is.

Since this series is still new, it is well worth reading the first four issues, just to get an idea of what you are in for, because although it seems straight forward and simple like any other comic, Loki has his future version to contend with and his future self does take centre stage in one issue, it might help to understand why teen Loki is trying so hard to be a good guy instead of just going as he was before he gained a young body again.

This issue though is the start of a new saga and it sounds like it will be another interesting ride for the readers, although it will be a challenging one for teen Loki.

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Comic Review: Thor: God of Thunder #25

I haven’t actually read any of the current Thor comics, but I have heard that this is meant to be a good one to read, plus it’s a bigger issue before the Goddess of Thunder takes her place as Thor.

In this issue Thor’s girls of Thunder – his grand-daughters – are in the library, having been instructed by Thor that they shouldn’t just work on fighting but also their minds.  So two of the daughters are eager to do just that, while one prefers to actually fight and have stories spoken about their adventures instead of reading about her grandfather’s.

So we readers get to see some stories about the God of Thunder and the past of the Dark Elf Malekith.  The final tale is that of the Goddess of Thunder, although it was lightly touched upon.

The issue was interesting, the art work in every tale was beautifully done and suited each of them.

This would be an issue that new fans could go into, the only part they would probably need to Google would be the future Thor and his grand daughters.

The new Goddess of Thunder will make interesting read and it will be one I shall add to my comic list.

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Comic Review: Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #5

This is the final issue of the Tenth Realm and I have to say I am really happy about it, but that I will probably discuss at the end of this review.

The Tenth Realm focuses on Thor finding his long lost sister, who his mother; Queen Frigga; is adamant is dead, murdered by the angels of Heven long before Thor was born.  This issue rounds everything up, tying it all up nicely and – truth be honest – rather boringly.

The tension has been how and when Angela – a member of the Guardian of the Galaxy and her whole life part of Heven, the one place that she could call home until she was unable to get back – would learn who she truly is and who she is related to.

The ending was rather bland, although the Tenth Realm, Heven, is now free from it’s former prison and Odin has returned to his home, along with his older brother Cul; which will mean that we shall see the angels and Cul take part in challenging Odin, Thor and Asgardia over time.

The comic didn’t really do much for building up Thor or Loki, and the ending was dull, I had hoped for some kind of battle to take place, even if it was against the Queen of Angels vs Odin.  The plus points about this issue was King Loki, which added some extra bit of humor although at the end you do feel a bit of sympathy for him, yet at the same time you also wonder if he’s just forgetting certain events because it makes it easier to hate.

On the whole the Tenth Realm didn’t really add anything to these characters apart from adding Angela to being an Asgardian and a Royal one at that.

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Comic Review: Futures End: Batwoman #1

Part of The New 52 Futures End run, this is issue 1 – although I doubt there will be more, I think this is just a solo run to explain where Batwoman is for the Futures End universe.

If anyone new to Batwoman were to come in and read this issue first I would think they might be a bit confused with what was going on.

In this solo issue – I am just going to call it that, because unless there is a good twist in the next issue it won’t have another issue – we see that Batwoman is a vampire and her sister Red Alice – this is where new readers to this will get confused – are trying to kill/save each other.

This issue has been a bit of contention within the Batwoman fandom, I say that, the majority of people really don’t like this, mainly due to Batwoman being a vampire and because the hero that everyone loves, the woman who represents the LGBT community proudly in comics – because she is the only comic character who has her own solo comic – and this comic just takes all of that and squishes it into a ball and throws it away.

I did enjoy the comic to a point.  I liked how Red Alice was trying to help Batwoman, but it was very… all over the place action wise.  Certain scenes just didn’t flow very well, it just didn’t go very well to explain what she was doing.

Why had Red Alice become a good guy? How long has Batwoman been a vampire? When did Batwoman work with a team? How long has she and Red Alice worked together?

A lot of questions are left, as well as the script for Red Alice being red made it rather hard to read.  The art work is lovely though, I do like how Red Alice looks with her now being a hero, although I felt her look was pinched from the brilliant The Wicked and The Divine by Gillen Mckelvie and Wilson Cowles.

Is it a good issue, no not really.  I am noticing that Batwoman comics are rather hit and miss; though I do need to to read the first volume of this series since many people are saying that was when the series was awesome.  Think I will just need to save money for that and see how that goes.

Am hoping that it will get better though, which is why I am sticking

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Comic Book Reviw: Batwoman Issue 34

I had found Batwoman rather interesting, I arrived in this comics life when everything had changed, new writers, new artists and so the comic has been on shaky ground, yet I personally feel – again having not been part of the Batwoman fan group for very long – that this issue pretty much takes the cake of them all.

This issue pretty much takes away the set up that had been made by the creators before these guys, this issue is rather dull and although in a way sad, it’s also frustrating.

Batwoman, or Kate Kane, is a woman who for all her issues is an enjoyable character, there is something to her that is relate-able and is more human than many other characters, yet at the same time this issue crops up and I hate it with a passion.

This issues has Kate break away from her long time partner Maggie, she breaks away from her for some noble reasons and then other not so noble reasons.  One of those reasons is her using her own money to make someone back off, then take a break from her lover.  This is just so bad I can’t even begin to explain it without spoiling this issue for you.

But I have to because it’s literally that bad.

Kate Kane decides that, given that Maggie’s ex won’t let her have custody of their daughter because her lover is a bad influence, she breaks up with her, but not before she calls Maggie’s ex to arrange a deal, which of course involves a pay off and Kate agreeing to stay away from Maggie and her daughter for a certain length of time.  This is the part that annoys me, she paid her lovers ex off, she bribed him, agreed to stay away from her lover so that she could have her daughter back full time.  It sounds noble, yet at the same time it wasn’t a battle for Kate to fight, Kate should have stood by Maggie, supported her, helped her when she needed help, not get so far involved that she bribes the ex into giving up his daughter! She knew that Maggie didn’t want her to get involved in this case but she did so anyway, because she believes that she knows best and yet she did something that she shouldn’t have, she took the battle away from Maggie and although she believed she was doing the right thing, she has left Maggie broken hearted.  Kate is Maggie’s love, from what I have seen they have argued like many couples do, they care for each other, they look out for each other, they point out the problems they are having and most importantly of all they respect each other.  In this moment, with Kate doing what she did, she made it seem like she didn’t respect Maggie, she didn’t believe Maggie couldn’t win this battle to get her daughter back.  She used her money and made a promise to stay away from the daughter and broke up with Maggie.

The rest of the comic deals with a vampire, we have seen her about in the past couple of issues now, but this time it’s her against Kate Kane, not Batwoman.  It ends on a cliff hanger and we will see the next issue being about Futures End, five years into the future.

I am disappointed with the comic for being like this, there was so much more potential to be had if Kate didn’t use her wealth to fix things and let her lover take control over what needed to be done for the court case.  The rest of what was going on in the comic was essentially background nose to what was happening there.

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